Free Ultrasounds

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How far along am I?
When did I get pregnant?
Is my pregnancy viable?Ultrasound room photo cropped

Care Net Pregnancy Center of Milwaukee can help you answer these questions by providing a Medically Indicated Ultrasound, free of charge, to:

  • Confirm your pregnancy
  • Estimate gestational age
  • Determine viability

A pregnancy test alone does not determine whether a pregnancy is viable. A urine test will detect the presence of the hormone HCG which is present during a pregnancy. This hormone can be present up to 5 weeks following a miscarriage. Up to 20% of pregnancies can end in miscarriage.

The age of the baby and the viability of the pregnancy are both crucial factors for you to know when deciding how to approach an unplanned pregnancy.  In fact, if you’re considering abortion, the law in Wisconsin requires that you have an ultrasound before the abortion.