Healing The Emotional Wounds

An abortion, no matter how long ago, can cause lasting emotional turmoil. Many share feelings of sadness or anger, while others may experience an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness. CareNet Milwaukee wants to help heal the emotional pain by becoming a guide to the next step of your recovery.
If you are ready to get started call or text (414) 962-2212 to schedule your first session.

With the help of our trained staff member, Amy, we are able to provide a safe and confidential environment for women, like you, to share their experiences with past abortion decisions and how that has affected their lives. Through this counseling, we hope to heal your emotional wounds and help you regain the feeling of hope once again.

Signs Of Post-Abortion Stress

Post-Abortion trauma can be a result of unresolved thoughts, emotions, or even physical abnormalities. But the one thing to remember is that everyone has their own unique way of showing their emotional pain and whether it’s debilitating or a slight nuisance to your everyday life we can support you and help you move forward with your life. Even if your trauma appears years or decades after your abortion, we can provide the support you need.

Below is a list of common experiences that women like you have experienced and struggle with post-abortion.

  • Feelings of sadness and anger
  • Self-destructive behaviors including substance abuse, abusive relationships, or promiscuity
  • Feelings of anxiety, difficulty sleeping, nightmares
  • Uncontrollable crying
  • Guilt/Shame
  • Grief/Loss
  • Depression
  • Hopelessness 
  • Resentment

Healing Begins Here

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One-On-One Counseling

CareNet Milwaukee offers women free one-on-one post-abortion counseling whether your abortion was yesterday or 30 years ago. It’s a confidential way to begin healing the emotional pain caused by a previous abortion. If you are interested please call or text (414) 962-2212.


How Much Is One-On-One Counseling?

  • We offer one-on-one post-abortion counseling for free. No insurance is required.

How Long Will The Process Last?

  • We typically meet 8-9 weeks with each client. This gives us time to complete a study called Surrendering the Secret.

How Long Will My Session Be?

  • Your session will be approximately one hour long.

What Will We Talk About?

  • During your private session, we can talk about your experiences
    and any emotional stress you may be facing.
    Some common topics brought up are:
         – How to share your abortion story with loved ones
         – How to work through feelings of grief and guilt

         – Feelings of sadness and anger
         – Relationship Issues
         – Trauma caused abortion
         – How to pursue forgiveness

Is My Visit Confidential?

  • Yes! Privacy is a high priority for us at Care Net Pregnancy Center of Milwaukee. We
    provide a safe and secure environment to protect your privacy and ensure your confidentiality.
Compassionate Care Giver at Care Net Pregnancy Center of Milwaukee

Meet Amy

Amy is Care Net Milwaukee’s Education Coordinator.  She is a trained facilitator of the post-abortion study “Surrendering the Secret.”  Amy walks with clients through the pain of a past abortion and helps them find healing and hope through the process. She is a great listener and she deeply cares for each client that she meets with.

What Our Clients Say

My Next Step

If you feel like you are experiencing any emotional turmoil or stress from your previous abortion and want someone to talk to, you can schedule a free appointment and start the process of healing the emotional wounds. Remember, our one-on-one counseling is completely free to use and we are ready to help.