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Everything You Need To Know About Morning Sickness and How To Manage It

Care Net has been serving Milwaukee area women since 1985 and through this blog, we hope to continue sharing with the greater community peace, hope, and information related to pregnancy.

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Women's Health

Battling the Winter Blues

There are so many fun things to do in the Milwaukee winters that aren’t available to you in the summer. Skiing, taking a walk during the first snowfall, curling up by the fire. There can be a sort of magic to winter. However, after some time, being cooped up inside can start to feel like a drag. During January or February, it is common for people to start to experience feeling a little off, and many say they stop feeling like themselves. If you’re experiencing pregnancy on top of that, these winter “blahs” on top of your pregnancy mood swings might feel like a lot some days. If you are in a similar boat, you’re not alone.

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What is a Pregnancy Center?

Maybe you’ve found yourself in an unexpected situation where you now have important questions or concerns about pregnancy, contraception, or other related topics, but you’re

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Woman in Milwaukee excited to learn Natural Family Planning at Care Net Milwaukee and schedule her fertility cycles

Natural Family Planning: A Natural Birth Control Method 

There are many contraception options or “family planning” methods that couples use. The most common birth control methods that we hear about are birth control pills, condoms, and IUDs, however, there is another lesser-known method that is completely natural and has similar efficacy rates as other methods. This method is called natural family planning (or NFP). 

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Woman thinking about the abortion pill information she learned from Care Net of Milwaukee

Abortion Pill Facts

At Care Net Milwaukee, we understand the range of emotions and choices that come with anunexpected pregnancy. That’s why we want to empower you with

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An ultrasound photo of a baby and two strawberries to encourage healthy nutrition during pregnancy

Nutrition During Pregnancy

While taking care of yourself and getting great nutrition is important for every woman, self-care and healthy eating take on a whole new meaning during

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