Pregnancy Resource Centers and Abortion Alternatives

Due to recent developments in society and in the laws, many women are anxiously wondering if there really are any viable options for abortion. Although many women do not necessarily want to terminate their pregnancy, they also cannot fathom navigating the many challenges of an unplanned pregnancy. The best place to turn for answers is a pregnancy resource center (PRC). PRCs, previously known as crisis pregnancy centers, are non-profit organizations, dedicated to assisting women in getting the information necessary to make informed choices regarding their pregnancy. PCRs offer alternatives to abortion as well as a vast range of services to support women both during and after their pregnancy. At Care Net, we offer a compassionate, pressure-free, discreet, and professional environment where women can access quality support.

There are upwards of 2,000 PRCs in the United States, some working independently, and many parts of a larger network like Care Net. Some centers only provide information and non-medical services, while others offer medical care and have nurses, doctors, and health care providers on staff. Many PRCs offer classes on prenatal care during pregnancy, parenting, and/or adoption options. Many centers have resources in financial assistance, and some provide information to help mothers obtain supplies like formula, diapers, and clothing. In addition to free or low-cost pregnancy testing, many centers with medical staff offer ultrasounds and even STI testing and treatment. Pregnancy resource centers also specialize in networking so if there is a service you need that one center does not provide, the staff can typically find what you need from other local organizations.

Women arriving to Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center in Milwaukee

When you arrive at a pregnancy resource center, you will likely be given a urine pregnancy test in the office and get the results before you leave the appointment. You will be taken care of by a kind, knowledgeable staff member who will collect information on your medical history, and discuss multiple options regarding your pregnancy, which will empower you to make important decisions. The medical and support staff are warm and friendly and provide a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere.

Women often choose abortion because they just don’t think they have another choice. They fear not having the support they need, either from a birth father, their own family, or the people around them. We have found that just having someone to talk to at a pregnancy resource center helps a woman realize she is not alone and empowers her to seek out the support she needs. PRCs can help pregnant women find many different resources. They can help with housing costs, finding the appropriate medical providers, walking with women through their pregnancy to even obtaining gas cards to make travel more affordable! PRC staff members believe that no woman should have to go through such a difficult situation alone and commit to assist a pregnant woman in any way they can.

In addition to helping women facing an unplanned pregnancy, many PRCs also offer post-abortive counseling to women who have already made the decision to abort. Often these women are experiencing sadness, shame, and a deep sense of trauma. Many PRCs help find support groups, counseling, and classes designed to help these women receive both emotional and physical healing.

In addition to offering support to women who are pregnant or post-abortive, some pregnancy resource centers also provide help in finding programs to assist a mom after the baby has been born. Some organizations offer classes or resources in finances, career education, relationships, etc. Unfortunately, PRCs are often accused of only caring for the baby, but the reality is, this collaborative effort with the community and other programs aims to truly help and support the new mothers as well. At Care Net we realize that new mothers need an abundance of resources and support during this difficult time. We are committed to helping you find those resources throughout Milwaukee and the surrounding area.

Thankfully, pregnancy resource centers often receive inquiries from generous people in the community who want to support them. This is essential since PRCs receive virtually no government funding, they rely entirely on donor support. In addition to financial support, many clinics rely on support in the form of donations of supplies like formula, diapers, baby wipes, and clothing. The most critical form of support can be time volunteering. PRCs need volunteers to answer the phones, help with marketing and mass-mailings, work as client advocates, mentor a young woman, do mass-mailings or just sweep the floors at the center. No volunteer job at a PRC is too small or unimportant!

In conclusion, pregnancy resource centers offer the most comprehensive support to help a pregnant woman learn about her alternatives to abortion. If you are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and want to explore your options, visit a local PRC. You will receive caring, confidential, cost-effective services to help you face the challenges ahead of you. Know that you do not have to face the challenges of an unplanned pregnancy alone. Care Net is located on Fond du Lac. Ave. In Milwaukee. We welcome the opportunity to provide the support you need.

Care Net has been serving Milwaukee area women since 1985 and through this blog, we hope to continue sharing with the greater community peace, hope, and information related to pregnancy.